See Program Highlights

In December 2011, the UMW Philharmonic performed its annual Holiday Pops Concert with The Jay Ungar and Molly Mason Family Band. This unique concert was filmed in front of live, cheering audiences in Dodd Auditorium. Additional highlight footage was also filmed around campus and at various locations in Fredericksburg.

The editing is now complete, and the final result is a powerful, heartwarming performance that showcases the talents of the UMW Philharmonic and Maestro Kevin Bartram. The entire Mary Washington and Fredericksburg area communities certainly can be proud of this high-caliber, professional production eligible to be shown to national audiences on the Public Broadcasting System.

PBS has agreed to forward the finished program in its entirety through a national feed to all PBS channels across the country. This is terrific news and a wonderful opportunity! However, each local or regional program director may select from among a number of options to decide if or when they will air this program.

Help viewers across the nation see and hear just how wonderful the University of Mary Washington is at its very best. Write or call PBS program directors to encourage their selection and promotion of “A Fiddler’s Holiday.”

To ensure they understand the message, please see suggested wording for your communications. See the list of program directors, and contact as many as possible to show your pride in the UMW Philharmonic, the University of Mary Washington, and Fredericksburg, Virginia.